1960: Tanganyika Bishops propose collaboration among Catholic Bishops in the region. This will later be called the Inter-Regional Episcopal Board in Eastern Africa (ITEBEA).

1961: THE 1st ITEBEA PLENARY ASSEMBLY HELD IN DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA. Theme:“The Future of the Church in Africa”

1964: THE 2nd PLENARY ASSEMBLY HELD IN ROME, ITALY. Theme: “Study, Discussion and Approval of Constitution”

  • Full-time Secretary General.
  • Permanent office in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • ITEBEA changed to AMECEA.
  • First Constitution of the Regional association approved.

1967: THE 3rd PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN NAIROBI, KENYA. Theme: “Pastoral Perspectives in Eastern Africa after Vatican II” Launch of AMECEA Pastoral Institute (API) in Ggaba Kampala, Uganda.

1968: The birth of the following offices:

  1. AMECEA Social Communications Department.
  2. Religious Education Department.
  3. AMECEA Research Department.
  4. Gaba Publications (AFER and SPEARHEAD). AFER was launched in 1959 by the White Fathers (today’s Missionaries of Africa) in Katigondo Major Seminary in Uganda.

1969: SECAM (Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar) is founded in Kampala,Uganda.

1970: THE 4th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA. Theme: “The Priest in Africa Today”

1973: THE 5th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN NAIROBI, KENYA. Theme: “Planning for the Church in Eastern Africa in 1980s” Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference becomes a full member of AMECEA.  AMECEA Documentation Service (ADS) is launched in order to facilitate the dissemination of pastoral information and to provoke pastoral reflection and exchange of pastoral views in the region and beyond.

1975: One year AMECEA Accountancy Course is established in Nyegezi Social Training Institute (NSTI) now St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) in Mwanza, Tanzania.

1976: THE 6th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN NAIROBI, KENYA. Theme: “Building Small Christian Communities in Eastern Africa.” Apostolate to Nomads of AMECEA (ANA) is established. AMECEA Pastoral Institute (API/Gaba) is forced to move from Uganda to Eldoret, Kenya due to political insecurity.

1977: Ethiopia becomes a full member of AMECEA.

1979: THE 7th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN ZOMBA, MALAWI. Theme: “The Implementation of the AMECEA Bishops Pastoral Priority of Building         Small Christian Communities: An Evaluation.”

1982: THE 8th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN NAIROBI, KENYA. Theme: “Families: Truly Christian and Truly African.”

1984: Catholic Higher Institute of Eastern Africa (CHIEA) is established.

1986:  THE 9th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN MOSHI, TANZANIA. Theme: “Families: Truly Christian and Truly African.”

1989: THE 10th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN KAMPALA, UGANDA. Theme: “Youth on the move towards the year 2000.”

1992: THE 11th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA. Theme: “Evangelism with its central issues: Inculturation, Small Christian                       Communities and Priestly, Religious and Christian Formation.”  CHIEA obtained accreditation/charter from the Government            of Kenya and became the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA).

1993: Independence of Eritrea. Its membership of AMECEA remains in the same conference i.e. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

1994: AMECEA Pastoral Department is established.

1996: THE 12th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN MANGOCHI, MALAWI. Theme: “The role of the Church in Development in the light of the African Synod.”

1997: SCBRC (Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Regional Conference) is established. Somalia becomes an Affiliate member of AMECEA.

1998: Blessed Bakanja AMECEA College (BBAC) is founded. It is an AMECEA Regional Theological Seminary.

1999: THE 13th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN NAIROBI, KENYA. Theme: “Formation of Agents of Evangelization.”

2002: THE 14th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA. Theme: “Deeper Evangelization in the New Millennium.”

  • AMECEA Documentation Department (ADS) is merged to AMECEA Social Communications Department.
  • AMECEA Justice and Peace Desk is established under the Pastoral Department.
  • Apostolate to the Nomads of AMECEA (ANA) is incorporated to the AMECEA Pastoral Department as a Desk.

2005: THE 15th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN MUKONO, UGANDA. Theme: “Responding to the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in AMECEA Region.”

2008: THE 16th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN LUSAKA, ZAMBIA. Theme: “Reconciliation through Justice and Peace.” AMECEA GABA becomes a Campus of CUEA.

2011: THE 17th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN NAIROBI, KENYA. Theme: “AMECEA Family of God celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Evangelisation in     Solidarity.”

2014: THE 18th PLENARY ASSEMBLY IN LILONGWE, MALAWI. Theme: “New Evangelization through True Conversion and Witnessing to Christian Faith.”